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Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy flooring is one of the newest types of flooring available to Irish clients. Epoxy Resin Flooring is known for its resistance to chemicals and its extreme versatility.
This flooring method creates a perfectly smooth glossy finish that requires very little maintenance. It is available for domestic and commercial use with unlimited colours and designs. This low maintenance requirements has made epoxy resin flooring a popular choice for industrial plants and domestic dwellings. The hard wearing finish makes the flooring resistant to stains and damages and is designed for longevity even in high traffic areas. The floors can we waxed every year to make it as good as the day it goes down. 
Its resistance to chemical spills and moisture make it a great choice for industrial kitchens, garages or food plants where liquid is likely to get spilt.
Don’t take a chance with less durable floors and have an epoxy resin floor installed in your industrial or commercial property today. 

The benefits for epoxy resin flooring are as follows:

Warm- it absorbs the temperature in the room

Affordable and cost effective

Extremely Durable

Very low maintenance

Stain and chemical resiatant


Quick installation times - days not weeks like some flooring options

Fast set available for quicker turn around times

Completely seamless flooring

Superior abrasion and slip resistant options available

VOC free options - Being green is important to us and you

Extremely good value over the life of the floor compared to other flooring options

For new or existing buildings 

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3D Flooring

3D Flooring

Resin flooring is not just for the commercial property, this incredible versatile flooring solution can be implemented in the home to create stunning 3D flooring options.
This process involves sealing a large image under a translucent top coat sealer.
Any image can be used on this floor meaning the possibilities of a 3D resin floor are endless. These low maintenance floors create an irresistible, reflective, translucent finish that adds a modern flourish to any room.

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