Keating Flooring

Flooring Accessories

We provide clients with a range of extra flooring accessories to add that extra flourish to a room. We provide clients with

☑ Skirting Boards
☑ Carpet Floor Trims

☑ Entrance matting
☑ Solid Wood Profiles

☑ Binding Service

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Carpet Floor Trims

Carpet floor trims make sure your carpet is elegantly pinned down at entrances or where the carpet ends and another floor type takes over. The carpet floor trims provided by Keating Flooring ensures a smooth transition from carpet to another flooring type.

Skirting Boards

After a floor is installed why not have it finished properly with a beautiful wooden skirting board. We provide clients with a range of skirting board options presented in a full range of different wooden finishes. Our comprehensive selection means client’s get just the right skirting board to complement their new floor.

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Entrance Matting

Keating Flooring provides clients with an entrance matting installation service. Entrance matting is essential for commercial properties with heavy footfall around entrances and exits. Matting protects flooring from moisture and debris that people may drag into the building on the bottom of their shoes.

Solid Wood Profiles

Solid wood profiles add a flourish to doorways and protect the walls edges from excessive wear and tear. We provide a range of solid wood profiles in a range of different wood finishes.

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Binding Service

For carpet cut-offs, we offer a binding service that turns this waste carpet into a mat. We take the coarse ends of the cut carpet and bind them into an attractive smooth finish, that can be placed in areas that may be partial to damage, such as around an open fire or where spills are likely to occur.

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