Keating Flooring

Wood Flooring

Keating Flooring provides both domestic and commercial clients with a range of wood flooring options. Our timber flooring is available in semi-solid and solid options.
Our mobile showroom is available to come to your property and display our full range of different wood flooring finishes. This convenient service allows customers to match their flooring to their property’s space. We can also offer clients a free quote based on custom measurements of the property’s space.
Add a touch of class and elegance to your property with a fitted solid or semi-solid wooden floor.

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Solid Wood Flooring

Our Solid wood flooring adds a touch of timeless class and elegance to any property. We provide extremely competitive wood flooring installation options to domestic and commercial clients. This flooring is real wood all the way through and boasts all the natural colouring, knots and grains you would expect. 
If properly maintained a high-quality wood floor – like those installed by Keating Flooring –  solid wood flooring can be a real investment as it is durable and has the potential to last for years as you can sand and refinish it numerous times. The unique timeless quality of a wooden finish means your solid wood floor will never go out of style.

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Semi-Solid Wood Floor

Keating Flooring’s large range of semi-solid wood floors means we’ll have the right option for any commercial or domestic property.
Semi-solid wood floors can be quickly installed meaning disruption to a property, be it commercial or domestic, is kept to an absolute minimum.
Semi-solid wood floors or engineered flooring as it is also known as has the look and feel of a solid floor but due to its multi layered construction it is more rigid and stable, this means it can withstand changes in temperature and humidity. It comes with a top layer of solid wood ranging from 4mm upwards. The 4mm can be sanded and refinished two or three times and as the thickness gets greater so does the amount of times you can refinish. 

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Laminate Flooring

Our mobile showroom stocks a full range of attractive laminate flooring options for commercial and domestic clients nationwide. All our laminate flooring comes with a 15-20 year wear guarantee, ensuring clients that a laminate floor is a long-term solution to their flooring needs.
Modern laminate flooring if of a very high quality and looks nearly identical to a traditional solid or semi-solid wood floors.
Laminate flooring is a fantastic budget option for domestic or commercial clients. There is a wide range of finishes, textured surfaces and bevelled edges. 

Are you interested in having laminate flooring installed in your property? Then get in contact with Keating Flooring today.